Beware karma backlash when blogging.

Balls and Strikes is another blog I write. In my last two blogs about the Seattle Mariners karma has toyed, teased, and tickled me.

Here is what happened. I wrote a blog when Seattle had an eight games losing streak and looked terrible. I made a case for Seattle being the worst team in baseball. I had the numbers, I made a good argument. I was writing the blog during the game in which it looked like Seattle was headed towards their 9th straight loss, but before I finished my blog, Kyle Seager hit a walk-off homerun to win the game for Seattle.

The writing fates were telling me not to get ahead of myself.  Before I published the blog  I was able to do a quick edit and still make my case. The lesson I learned was wait until a game is over before I go on a rant.

The next Mariner blog I wrote was Saturday about Fernando Rodney, the Mariners closer and how he drove people crazy with getting  into trouble, then getting out of trouble and how he reminded me of Dan Stanhouse of the 78-79 Orioles, who was nicknamed “Two Pack” because his manger Earl Weaver half-joked that when he came into a game, Stanhouse made him so nervous, he smoked two packs of cigarette’s waiting for Stanhouse to finish the game. I said the way Rodney wore his cap cockeyed contributed to his problems.

Of course Sunday he pitched a 1-2-3 inning, striking out two and shooting my tongue-in-cheek theory out the window. He only threw 12 pitches, 9 for strikes. Not enough time for one cigarette.

I learned nothing, only that the blogger muse likes to laugh in my face. As long as Seattle wins, I don’t mind.

But be aware of your blogs and see what karma brings you. There is something in the air.


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