Indie writers-everything you know is wrong

“Everything you know is Wrong” is one of my favorite Firesign Theatre comedy albums. If you are unfamiliar with Firesign, their website is

I think the title is apropos for Indie writers, especially us e-book writers. We are told that social medial is important, that we should all have blogs, that a high number of Twitter and blog followers is important. But is all that true? Or is everything we know wrong?

Today I am submitting two other blogs for you to read and think about.

The first is Anne R. Allen’s blog on what most writers are getting wrong.

The second is Writers Village interview with Kathie Shoop who has sold over 100,000.

Indie writers need to digest all information to further their career, so I suggest these blogs to further chart your course.

My website:

My e-novel, Loonies in the Dugout:

My second e-novel, Loonies in Hollywood:

My collection of short stories, Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms:


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One response to “Indie writers-everything you know is wrong

  1. Well, Kathie Shoop sold 100,000 novels without a blog, mailing list, Facebook page or platform whatsoever. So I guess those gurus who tell us we won’t hack it as authors unless we have Klout score of 99 plus a big cartel/tribe/platform, etc, are peddling fairy dust. Perhaps we should just: tweak the Amazon algorithms and leave the time-sucking vortex of social networking to sad souls who are very lonely.


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