How to know when to stop writing for the day

Two cups of Chinese tea and some biscotti following a light breakfast and I am ready to write.  By this time I have prepared myself to write by knowing what comes next in the story and how I am going to write it, who is going to be in the scenes, and so forth. Energized by the tea and biscotti I am off and running with the days writing. It generally goes well. I type without making too many mistakes and as explained in a previous blog on how to get into a writers zone, I am indeed there. I am in the story with my characters.

But I also know when to stop. And it is not when the baseball game comes on or I decide I need cookies or I glance out the window and see a beautiful girl wearing shorts and a halter with long blonde hair walking down the street. Okay, sometimes I have to take a walk as spending all day in front of keyboard and computer is not healthy. Walking is good exercise. I do take a small notebook and pen in case I think of something though, so I am still on the job, so I tell myself.

No, I stop when my typing starts to look ile this an I glance at the scrren and see los of red limes uncerneaneth words. I have not been drining, I am just getting tired and when I get tired, I get cranky, and when I get cranky I swear, I yell at my computer, pound my keyboard, and swear some more. The anger intensifies because I think I should have gone for that walk checking to make sure the blonde reached her destination without being molested, kidnapped, or murdered.

When all this tiredness creeps in I find a good place to stop. I finish the chapter, or the scene, and type some notes on how to begin tomorrow. If you are a writer I hope you are not a slave to it and write when you are tired. You don’t get extra credit. Enjoy your writing, write with zeal and passion, and creativity. When your mind, body, and soul tell you to stop, do so. In this cool down period where I finish the scene and make notes for the next day, I find my mind is still coming up with great ideas; the creativity slows down later than body and soul, so this is a good time to prepare for the morrow.

It  is also a good time to look out the window. There might be a cute blonde-or a handsome hunky young man out there. Maybe they have cookies.

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