How a writer can get into a zone

Writing can be fun when words fill sentences that flow into paragraphs faster than the brain is telling you what to write. Before you realize what has happened pages have been written. This is being in the zone, much preferable than wondering what word to write after ‘the.’ I don’t believe in writers block, so don’t go there. Writing  can be tasking, frustrating, irritating, but being in the zone is when time flies.

So how does one get in the zone?

Keep typing without worrying what you have written and that means not looking at the screen or typed page for misspellings, or grammatical correctness. Just write. You can edit later. The point is to keep your mind engaged on creativity. It does not matter if what you are writing makes no sense, make sense of it later.

What often happens when in the zone is that you discover places you are going that you did not see coming. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I created a character named Clancy who was going to be plot point, who comes in and sends the main characters in a certain direction. But every character, no matter how small, should have a personality, should be identifiable as a real person. Clancy is a flapper and during her one scene her personality came out so strong, so interesting, so full and rich, that she forced her way into the story and she became a secondary character who enlivened the entire story. I was in a zone because I had researched flappers, including flapper jargon, so I was ready to write. I prepared for the scene before I began writing and I was off and running.

Think first about the scene, about the characters, where you want go with the scene, what you want to accomplish, and having done your research you are ready to write. You are prepared. When you first begin to write you should cease thinking and start creating. This has worked for me and it has made writing much easier and more fun.

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