My award winning e-books and yours

I have the feeling there are more awards in this country than there are people. I frequently run across writers on the Internet who have won awards and I concede we can not know every writer nor know every award, so I assume they are all legitimate, but who can say. I suppose the award can be googled , but I have googled legitimate things and come up empty.

So just between you and me, if you are an e-Book author I say we should give ourselves an award and promote as such.

Example: I can say my e-Book “Loonies in the Dugout” has won the Babe Ruthy Award for historical baseball fiction on pre 1920 baseball with slant towards satire on fame. Hey, my book fits that category to a tee, no wonder I won.

Example 2: My book “Loonies in Hollywood” has won the Cecil B. DeMole Award for Hollywood historical murder e-Novels solved by a fictional writer through a 21st century real writer. I am honored.

Example 3: My book “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms” has won the Edgar Allen Boo Award for a collection of spooky short stories written by a short person living next to a cemetery. I cherish this award. (As an aside-and this is true- yesterday I was listening to my radio and saw it turn off by itself. The radio is in the bedroom, and the bedroom is ten yards away from graves. This is why I write spooky tales.)

Anyway give yourself an award. Fiction writers write fiction-as in made up stories- so why not have made up fictional awards. It makes sense to me and I hope you join me in my crusade to see writers with more award ceremonies than the music industry which has one per month. By the way, my new novel won the Thomas Pinchoff Award for best unfinished novel of 2014.

My award winning baseball novel, humorous, satiric ,and pretty damn good:

My award winning mystery that solves the true life unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor in 1922:

My award winning spooky tales based on true life fiction:


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