The next evolution in e-Books

When I was in college I read a magazine article about a bank robbery in New York that had an interesting twist. I immediately thought what a great idea for a movie. I was so excited I thought of writing a screenplay. Of course reality set in. I was in college and that met parties and classes-in that order. But two years later the article I read was on movie screens. It was “Dog Day Afternoon.”

That was not the first time I had run across a story and someone stole my idea. With that in mind I am making a proposal for the next evolution in e-Books. That means someone will steal my idea-unless it has already been done and I am lagging behind in what is trending, a definite possibility. So one way or another I will never get the credit due me.  I can live with it. Maybe.

The word e-Book is all inclusive, encompassing everything from novels to a history on banjos. What needs to be done is the same thing that is done in those other books, the ones you can hold in your hands, turn pages, write in, use as door stops (except the books you like that go on shelves). Those real books have genres and so too should e-books. I have toyed with that in my blog when I mention my novel “Loonies in Hollywood.” I refer to it as e-Mystery. You see what I am driving at. E-Horror (see “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms” below), e-Westerns, e-Thriller, e-Banjo history. Your e-Novel can be classified and promoted as such. A lot easier than saying my e-Book, which is a horror. . .blah, blah, blah.

Eons ago when a traveling Neanderthal writer was traveling from tribe to tribe and selling his tablets of writing, someone asked him, “What is this about?”

The writer answers “This is my tablet-or book-if you will- where I identify all the animals with recipes for those are eatable.”

“Why don’t you call it a cookbook and put it on your title page? And if you have a list of different books why not sort them by category and title?”

This was the first recorded meeting between a writer and a Neanderthal who would leave his tribe and join the writer, calling himself an agent

So all you e-writing Neanderthals, please join me in changing the e-Book landscape by defining your e-Books. Remember it was my idea. I think.

Loonies in Hollywood, my true life e-Mystery:

Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms, my short story collection of e-Horror stories:

Loonies in the Dugout, my historical e-Baseball fiction:


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