Writers beware: Paranormal acitivity in Word.doc

Before I discuss what could be a paranormal experience with Word let me state at the outset I have ten thumbs, and many of them miss keys  as I type. Sometimes I should strike the letter ‘p’ and somehow I hit ‘s’ instead which is on the opposite side and in a different row. I find this odd, but my mind works faster than my fingers, though in truth, for some reason, they can not work in concert. That is not the problem I wish to present though.

It is the paranormal part I want to talk about. Perhaps some of you have experienced it and can explain what is going on.  I correct typo errors as I go. Considering how many red squiggly lines pop up this is time consuming, and of course maddening. When I am through with the daily prose I read through what I have written, even though, as I was correcting typos, I often read what I had written. So I am actually rereading for the second time after the day is done.

Now for the weird part. I read through that first time while correcting mistakes, so I know what word I used. But the second time I read through there is a different word. It is almost like HAL (my name for what ever computer function is doing this) has changed the word. Who does Hal think he is? A writer? I don’t believe this is autocorrect, especially when it should be noted that when I transfer my manuscript to my formatter, having proofread the book about 50 times, the formatter will have changed words. I don’t know if that is HAL or a cousin of his. Sometimes, I swear after changing the word to what it should be and sending the manuscript to my Kindle PC for final check, it has been changed again.

Perhaps by now you think I am suffering from short term memory loss, or maybe dementia. But consider this. One night when I was alone in my bedroom one night, the lights off, I am getting ready to get into bed when I was thumped in the middle of my back between the shoulder blades. Ten yards from my bedroom window is a cemetery. Perhaps by now you think I am suffering from short term memory loss, or maybe dementia.  So it could be there is a ghost in my machine, so to speak.

If you have experienced something similar in Word where words change indiscriminately please let me know. I would hate to think it is memory loss or ghosts. A writers life is not for the feint of heart.

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