How writers can trigger their work each day

Many writers have a habit that kick starts their daily writing; doing the same thing each day that tells them it is time to buckle down and start pounding the keyboard. One turns on either soft jazz or classical music, depending on his mood. Another dons his writing hat. That was one that intrigued me as I was writing a novel at the time based in 1911. I looked through the many antique stores in town for derby or straw boater, but found none, nor was I able to find one for my second novel set in 1922.

Somehow I finished the books without a  kick starting habit. I am still looking as I am working on another novel, this one set in 1927. Since I can not find a hat, I set a picture of J.D. Salinger on my desktop. He was not prolific publishing his work, but he was prolific at writing, doing so every day. I though it would be a good guilt trip. I turn on my computer and there is Salinger staring at me, urging me to write, for that is what writers do. You write every day. Time for me to pound the keys.

It worked for a while but then my Seattle Seahawks tamed those wild Broncos with ease Sunday and I had to change my desktop photo of Russell Wilson hoisting the Lombardi trophy with blue and green confetti raining down behind him. Sorry J.D. I’ll get back to you.

But consider that Russell Wilson was believed too short, everyone thought he was not a pro quarterback, now he is Super Bowl winning quarterback in his second season. His father always told him, “Why not you?” Before the season started Russell asked his teammates, “Why not us?” Russell works hard every day, a reminder to me that if I work hard every day, I will get my third novel done.

So whether you have a favorite hat, a favorite beverage (Ooolong tea from China for me) or Salinger, or Wilson, the point is find a trigger that can get you going each day, something that kick starts you, inspires you, and feel free to experiment. Maybe Larry the Cable Guy-“Get ‘er done.”

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