People who never quit and succeeded long past retirement.

Some people have trouble walking in their 70’s but Min Bahadur climbed Mt. Everest when he was 76. I feel winded walking up a hill. Katharine Pelton set a record in the 200 meter butterfly, beating the old record by 20 seconds at 3:01:14. Not bad for 86. The record was set in the 85-89 bracket, so she was actually young for her bracket. Dr. Paul Spangler ran his 14th marathon at the age of 92. I ran around the block once and had to go to the emergency ward.

Some people retire and write novels, but writers never retire. P.G. Wodehouse published his 96th book at the age of 93. More amazing is Alice Pollock who published her first book, a memoir entitled “Portrait of My Victorian Youth,” when she was 102.

The fact that in my youth I bussed dishes at the Last Supper should in no way indicate I am old. By the way, the Apostles don’t tip.

I did not begin writing movie reviews for a newspaper until I was 50. I had wanted to be a writer since I was in college studying English Literature, but had no clue how to write, some say I still don’t, but everyone is a critic, and we writers should pay them no never mind. The point was as I got older I figured there was little chance of me becoming a writer. At some point I realized if I did not try, I would have regrets for not making the attempt. And the worst thing you can have in life is regrets. Better to fail than not try.

Today I have three eBooks on Amazon and write two blogs plus a website where I still post movie reviews. I will not get wealthy, may not make much money at all, but at least I am doing something I enjoy and I got that regret gorilla off my back and kicked him to the curb. I also am appreciative of the good reviews I have received. But at 64 I still have a lot of keystrokes left in my fingers to create more stories.

Here is my Amazon page for those among you who may want to inspire me with your buying power.


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