What kind of book did I write anyway

I have written three books, two novels and a collection of short stories. I know what they are, but then again I don’t. Let me give you an example of my confusion.

I wrote a mystery, “Loonies in Hollywood” based on the unsolved murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor in 1922.Though there were numerous suspects, including Hollywood stars, an arrest was never made. So I wrote a novel in which a studio writer solved the murder, but he could do nothing about it for reasons I won’t go into, should you decide to read the book some day.

So I have a mystery, but what kind? A mystery/crime novel is a branch of fiction, and from the mystery branch we have thriller and courtroom drama, neither of which apply. Nor does police procedure, techno thriller, medical, heists and capers, or young adult. It is not psychological suspense, nor a dark thriller. It is part cozy mystery, part amateur detective, but not hard boiled, more soft boiled. It is not a comical mystery with a bumbling detective, though he is passive-aggressive, and he does not so much figure things out as become a confidant to those who wish to talk, point fingers, or confess.  He has a loving wife, who just might be smarter than he is.

But readers, as well as Amazon, and other sites, like to have specific categories. And frankly, saying it is a “sort of cozy, amateur, historical, mystery with a lovingly satiric tribute to mystery noirs,” does not fit into anything.

Nor for that matter does my collection of short stories, “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms,” for it is horror, but since it is a collection, there is variety. There might be a’ haunting,’ there might be a ‘weird tale,’ or a ‘quiet horror.’ Again we are dealing with a branch of fiction, this one horror, that also has branches. There are no zombies, no child in peril, except for a high school graduate in England. There is no splatter, none of the stories are gory, though one ends in a gruesome manner.  One reviewer who gave it a four star review on Amazon said they are Twilight Zone type of tales. I would agree to that.

There are two types of writers, one writes to specific genre categories to nicely fit into a niche, the better to generate sales I presume. But I write from a premise with no ending in mind. I let characters and circumstances dictate where the story goes. It is a lot more fun, and I can be as surprised as the reader. But when all is said and done, I always wonder, what kind of book did I write anyway.

My Amazon page is http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38




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