An urgent appeal for writers to quit writing

I have three self-published eBooks on Amazon. Need prove, here is my authors page.

Okay, here is the problem. It has been estimated that there are nearly two million e-books on Amazon with, at any time, nearly 60, 000 free books. Do you see the problem?

The number of self published and eBooks have increased 287% since 2006. There are over 500,ooo new titles each year for 63 million book readers. What is the problem you say?

There are too many writers with too many books, with competition increasing daily, the competition aided and abetted by a migration of hard copy authors tied to traditional publishers  joining the eBook revolution. Forget illegal aliens and what their impact on the economy might be. In the world of writing, successful writers are draining potential income of eBook writers desperately trying to eek out a meager income. Real writers should go back to where they came from, namely New York. Stay out of the e-World, go back to your cocktail parties and chit-chat with agents, publishers, editors, movie producers, and glamorous high paid escorts. Sit in your $1,000 chair in front of your mahogany desk typing away by your window overlooking Park Avenue.

We eBook writers sit on a used patched up chair from Goodwill, typing at a leaning, warped poster board desk, in a candle lit apartment in order to cut costs. Muscular Dystrophy had Jerry Lewis for annual telethons, but who has telethons for writers? Nobody.

The average eBook writer makes $300 annually for each book title. If you factor out hard copy writers migrating to eBooks and self published writers who have been in the pool for a long period of time, the income drops dramatically. Self-help writers tend to do well. But fiction writers? Ugh!

Since telethons are out of the question I suggest that  you writers out there quit writing in order for me to sell more books. Do the decent thing, sacrifice your career-such as it is- for those of us who are truly needy and in want of sales and readers. I know you will say ‘let the market determine who wins and who loses.’ I agree. So get out of the market so it will be more manageable.

If this is something you can not do, then visit my authors page and make a contribution by purchasing one, if not all three of my books. I thank you for your time.


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