Creepy tales of ghosts and afterlife and only 2.99 on Kindle. Is this a plug?

Not only do I write about writing, specifically the looniness of e-world writing, I also write novels and short stories. More about my brand new-just in time for Halloween-collection of tales in a moment. But first a short digression.

The title of this blog was to have been “The quill, the e-world, the looniness.” I wrote my first few blogs under that assumption, until one day I saw it read, not as “e-world,”  but as” e-word.” Obviously once again my keyboard was not taking my directions. It often does that, sabotaging me that is, because it probably feels I hit the keys to hard. We live in a touchy e-world. At first I was upset about the mistake (sabotage), thought about how to change it, then decided e-word works just as well (almost as well), and who really reads that closely anyway, certainly not writers who are supposed to proofread.

Speaking of proofreading, in the last sentence I typed  the word ‘that’ (honest I did, I was watching my fingers) but it came out as ‘the.’ Like I said-sabotage. I did correct, thank you.

Okay, digression over. I just published on Amazon Kindle “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms.” In fact as I write it is yet on my authors page. It takes longer for it to migrate there I guess. But here is the link

Description, since you must be curious is:

I hesitate to reveal too much of these eight tales that are spooky, grisly, and offbeat, because due to the weirdness of one or two I fear men in white coats coming after me with butterfly nets and a strait jacket. But if you must know, in this collection of eight ghostly tales you will find two stories where the dead seek revenge, one in gruesome fashion. You will also discover two stories where the dead have trouble adjusting in the next life. And though not ghostly, one tale is morbid, despite the romantic notion behind a man’s actions. Four of the eight take place in the same cemetery; one takes place in England, one in a library, and one in an apartment next to the cemetery. The opening story, “An Evening with Constance Bennett” is more like a “Twilight Zone” episode, a tale quirky and odd, a phantasm of the imagination. There is also a bonus story, a noir mystery set in 1948.

Thank you for reading this blog and Happy Halloween.


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