Walk softly and carry a nice review

Teddy Roosevelt said to “walk softly and carry a big stick.” I only carry a stick in the summer to knock away snakes that sneak up on me. Honestly. I was standing with a friend one day, when a snake slithered onto my shoe and stayed there. I did not have a stick then, but I do now.

Summer is over and the stick is resting in the corner. I will use it for spiders this winter.

However, I would like to share a review a woman wrote about my e-book, “Loonies in Hollywood.” I will walk softly and let her carry the stick. It is always nice to get validation for your work. http://its-not-all-gravy.blogspot.com/2013/10/book-review-loonies-in-hollywood-by.html

I just remembered I may still need that stick for a snake or two. I was part of a voluntary crew picking up litter on a road we were assigned to a few years back. No, I was not wearing prison garb or doing forced community service. It was through a program at work to show civic pride and all that jazz. It was a county road and on my side the road sloped down. There was the usual tall grass, sticker bushes, and other greenery. I walked down to get a couple of plastic bottles when I slipped and fell on about a dozen hibernating snakes. It was a Freudian nightmare. They barely moved. Thank you Sigmund. Had it been summer they would have slithered up my pant leg and I don’t want to think any further. It wasn’t summer, but still¬†distressing.

I have not participated in the road crew since then. Not what you think. I no longer work for them. Besides they are under new ownership and those folks to not believe in civic pride. I think they are just afraid of snakes.


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