To get ahead you must first fall behind

Even if you are not a writer you have goals, or at the least something you must do, want to do, and are trying to achieve that goal. And many of us complain the big obstacle is time. We don’t have enough time to get done what we want to get done as real life intrudes into our time. You know those nagging, piddly things, like family, a real job, social obligations-real ones, not the social media ones.

But some insightful soul whose name is lost to history has pointed out the obvious, who saw what the rest of us could not see, as we were blinded with the inability to see outside the box. If you need more time I suggest you consider what this anonymous observer realized.

He said the sooner you fall behind the more time you’ll have to catch up. Think about it. Rushing to a deadline is exasperating. If you rush to deadline time contracts, you have less and less time speeding towards the appointed time, but if you lag behind, time expands, with more time ahead of you to finish. You can take your time, giving more attention to proofreading, to editing, to drinking tea, watching Miley Cyrus viral videos.

This is part of, by the way, Einstein’s theory of relativity. Feel free to Google and explore it yourself.

I have a new collection of short stories, Cemetery Tales, to proofread and edit, order a cover design, upload to my formatter, then publish as an e-book on Amazon before Halloween. I know I have a deadline in two weeks and have in fact been lagging behind in order to have more time to catch up.

Wait a minute. Two weeks! I start a new job next week, I have to see a movie and review it today, tomorrow I am volunteering all afternoon, Sunday is NFL. Sorry, I have to run, I lagged behind too much and must rush to my deadline. Damn that smart ass anonymous nitwit anyway.


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