Diagonally parked in a parallel universe

If scheduling a set time for writing and sticking to it is a parallel universe, then I am diagonally parked, especially in the last week. For example, one day after accepting a new job offer, I was informed that there would be an email with attached forms to read, print, sign, and send overnight. Simple enough for most people, but my printer, like me, is diagonally parked. It does fine (usually) if printing documents I have created in Word, but with PDF  files, or something off the Internet we have a problem.

The problem is that it will start to print, then stop, and the light blinks. The computer and printer came out of the same box, so you would think they could communicate together, but the printer seems to have a snit with the computer. So I have to pull a plug from the printer, put it back in, restart computer, then it usually prints. Operative word is usually. So I knew I would have a problem.

This time, and this is not always the case, my printer was out of ink. So off to Wally World to buy a number 60 cartridge. I came home, opened the box, and realized, though I bought number 60, it was tri-color, and I needed black. I got  back in my diagonally parked car, returned to Wally World, made the exchange, returned home, and of course it would print one document, not the other, so I had to go through the unplug, restart process.

Then I had to go to the DMV for a drivers abstract. No problem, they are minutes away, or would be if they had not moved, something I figured out when they were not where they should be. Back to the computer to see where they are. Returning to my car and heading to the new DMV, which happens to be in the direction of Wally World.

Gathering all the information to fax to the number listed, I went to my apartment manager’s office to send the fax. Office closed. Back in my car, still diagonally parked, and off to Post Net for the fax. Upon returning home, I realized I left the original copy of something that needed copied and sent with other forms. Back in the car-does anyone give frequent drivers miles-and retrieved my precious document.

There is more. I had written down everything that happened to include for this blog, but the note I wrote it on has disappeared. I think the printer is hiding it; he has a snit with me too I guess. The foregoing is what I can remember. Now I must leave to see if I can get my car parallel parked. These are  the days that intrude on my writing and this is why I can not have a writing schedule.


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