We live in hope, we die in despair; what fun

The above quote is from Alexander Dumas, except for the ‘what fun’ part. I threw that in. But what is there in life but hope? We hope the day will go well, we hope we will sell more books, we hope are families will be healthy, we hope to get a date with Jennifer Lawrence (despair rears its ugly head).

The question is, did Dumas mean about dying in despair, that we die alone, a journey only we can take at that moment, or does he mean that many hoped for things will not come to fruition in our lives, thus the despair? Not everything we hope will happen. Not all of us will be best selling authors, especially me (despair once again rears its hideous face).

One unknown writer said, “When we look back on our lives later on, we’ll either have what we want out of life, or we’ll have the reason why we don’t.” I will not get the date with Jennifer Lawrence because I am old enough to be her grandfather, I have as much sex appeal as a starved yak, and my chance of meeting her is as likely as me meeting the abominable snowman. So I have a reason and I can live with that.

As for best selling books, the competition is staggering for Indy writers, and I need more work on marketing and making my presence known. Something I am not good at, but must improve on as I will not pay large sums of money for someone to do the marketing for me. I am trying to make money for myself, not other people. 

So I will plod through the Himalayan snows like the starved yak I am, but plodding through the snow, hoping for some more book sales and a few more good reviews.

Speaking of which you can read the reviews of my books here.  http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38

Now that’s marketing for you!


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