The mystery of Kindle book sales

In surfing through the Kindle community forum I was intrigued by the number of questions from authors who wanted to know how many books they have sold.  I understand the confusion. Here is why. On an authors report page for example, I could click ‘Prior six weeks royalties.’ When I do that I see a list of daily activity. Using made up numbers in no way associated with my sales, I can see on a certain date I sold four books. It shows my royalty percentage and in the last column it shows royalties due me, which oddly shows 0.00. Scanning through the columns one can find the same royalty amount paid for a sale of one book, as for thirteen books. Does this make sense to you?

Thus the chain of questions in Kindle Forum.  The report also shows the amount of free downloads of your book. One is required to offer it free five times within 90 days if you signed up for Kindle Direct Publishing,  thus the free books and lost income for starving authors. I can tell which days were free because the number of downloads is unusually high. I have to guess because there is nothing to say free book downloads. And looking at one particular date, I see  some wonderful soul actually bought the book on a free day. That only adds to the confusion, assuming I’m reading this report correctly.

 One would think there is an easier way to generate a sales report of books. One column for sales with actual royalties generated for the day, a column for free downloads. Something basic, something sensible, something even a writer can understand. Writers just don’t get respect. At the Oscars, writers get the worst seats, usually in the back row of the balcony.

But wait dear friends and Kindle authors. Just below ‘Prior six weeks royalties’  is ‘Prior months royalties.’ Click that and you get a report on an Excel spreadsheet that includes all the information a writer wants to know. Thank your very much.

So why did the first report not have that needed information? Why the confusing style of report? Why was it not like the second report?

It is just the looniness of e-book writing, which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. I knew there would always be something to write about.

Here is my authors page, not to be confused with sales reports.


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