Does this offend you as it does me

There is a blog I subscribed to (note the use of past tense) that I unfollowed because of what I consider a crass appeal.

The person in question bemoaned his future as a writer. He said he began writing because he wanted to reach people, to make them feel something, to connect to his readers, doing so for the sake of art, not money. But alas, he has bills to pay. He was asking for donations, with a ‘click here’ button. The tone of the blog was of the starving artist, one with nobility and good intentions, yet is struggling to pay bills.  It bordered on a telethon plea to help Jerry’s Kids. I think his next step is to write emails for Ugandan scam artists who for a small fee that you pay them with be able to get millions in bank funds that you can share in. Please click here.

The Poor Poet, by Carl Spitzweg, 1839. (Neue P...

The Poor Poet, by Carl Spitzweg, 1839. (Neue Pinakothek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am trying to make a modest living as a writer, as many of us are. So please tell me why I should support you and your bill paying, when I am trying to support myself and pay my bills. Don’t ask for funds from your blog followers. Instated go to Kickstarter, and make a plea there. That is what Kickstarter is for.

Another suggestion is to get a job. Most writers struggling to pay bills have a job to pay bills and write in their spare time.

The written word is powerful. People frequently believe what they read without question, and being well-meaning helpful souls, I wonder how many clicked the ‘here’ button and helped pay his bills. My question is how do I know he needs help. I am thinking he has resources. However, if the person in question is reading this, and you received more than you need to pay bills, and therefore have leftover money, please feel free to contact me. I will tell you where to click.


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