The Key to keywords, a metaphor for life

We know the right keywords can drive e-surfers to your page, but do we know what the right keywords are?

I am allowed seven keywords for my Kindle book on Amazon. Using one of my titles, “Loonies in Hollywood” as an example,  two of my keywords were ‘mystery’ and ‘fiction.’  It makes sense to me. If someone types in fiction and or mystery I have a better chance of them finding my book, right?

Apparently not. In a monthly newsletter from Kindle DP I find, if I read correctly-and one should not assume I do-that using the category of ‘mystery’ is not needed. Nor is ‘fiction’- again, if I am reading correctly.

Here is Kindle’s page on keywords:

There is even a sub category chart for my mystery book. Click here:

So I refined my keywords and since Kindle says to experiment I will also do that. If keywords are suggestive, then thinking they might work in the subconscious of those e-surfing, perhaps I should use the following seven keywords:  buy, now, or, I , will, harm, you.

Upon further review I did find in the newsletter this would be unacceptable. I did change two of the keywords and am satisfied with the change. Everything looks correct, though after looking at the mystery chart for subcategories I see that I may use two other words in addition to the two new ones. It seems that there is no end to revision. First you spend time revising your book, then after publication, you spend time revising keywords. It is a poignant life metaphor. We are constantly, whether you are aware or not, revising our lives, changing little things on a daily or weekly basis. We refine our thinking, our attitude, our habits; adjusting, adding, deleting, all in the search for the keywords of our life.

Here is a link to my authors page. No keywords needed.

Or if interested in movie reviews, here is my latest on “Prisoners,” since I also write movie reviews.

My keywords to you are: have, a nice, day,




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