How writing everyday can kill you

Writing can kill you.

If you spend hours at the keyboard writing, researching, marketing, being social, your health is at risk. Like a horror movie there is a silent killer stalking you, one you can not see or hear. But he is deadly. In fact you could drop dead as you punch away at the keys, like I am doing now. I hope I survive long enough to warn you.

From personal experience I can say that you must step away for a brief period of time, say an hour, in order to protect your health. You must exercise and I will tell you why.

I write everyday whether I want to or not, spending too much time at the computer. It is easy to get lost, not just writing, but surfing around with writing related tasks. When I had my annual physical last October my blood pressure was high. I changed my life by exercising on a regular basis and got my blood pressure down. It also helped that I had a job which required some degree of physical effort.

But then my company closed its branch office and moved half way across the country. Without a job I was free to write more and more. And exercise less and less. It was summer and while I went for occasional walks, writing became a daily priority. Too much of a priority as it turns out. I went to a wellness fair recently and had my blood pressure checked and once again it was high. Not dangerously high, but high enough to warrant concern.

Now I must get back to exercising to get my blood pressure lower.

I know what you eat can affect your pressure as well, but the vast majority of what I eat is low calorie, low or no fat foods. I eat lots of fruits, do not drink, do not smoke. I just do not get enough exercise. So while I stroke away at the keyboard, I could get a stroke myself. I hate exercise, but feel better after I do it.

In short, if you are a writer and spend a lot of time writing, also take time to protect your health. Keep your body active like your mind. This has been a public service announcement.




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