Making use of time; a short guide to productivity

If you’re like me, you want to make productive use of your time so you can accomplish what you need to do. The easiest way is a schedule, a daily list of things to do and the time allotted for each. According to my research, this is what successful people do. Below is an example I created on a Tuesday.


7:00   Wake-up

7:00-7:45   Five minutes on bike; 35 minutes exercise; five minutes on bike

7:45-8:15   Shower, shave, dress

8:15-9:00   Tea, breakfast, emails, publish blog

9:00-12:00   Write/ Proofread stories-ready to publish

12:00-1:00   20 minutes Google+, 20 minutes Goodreads, 20 minutes Kindle DP or time spend researching advertising, marketing.

1:00-2:00   lunch

2:00-4:00   writing, including blog for tomorrow

4:00-5:30   flexible, possibly running errands

5:30-7:30   Strat-o-matic. (If you don’t know what this is, it is irrelevant)

Rest of evening-TV; DVD’s; DVR shows; Internet surfing

Check email before going to bed.

The sure way to success is to follow a plan for success, for in both the long and short run, you will accomplish what you want and will succeed.

As I said, I created this on Tuesday to begin Wednesday. I got up at 6:45 and realized I would not, could not, and should not adhere to the schedule. This is telling, because I have yet to succeed, and now I know why. I would not because I abhor being dictated to as to what I must do-unless I am being paid of course, so if you want to pay me to adhere to a schedule please contact me. I know I created the schedule, so it is obvious I do not listen to myself. I always argue with myself and I always lose.  I could not do  it because I am too much of a maverick-and I am lazy-preferring to remain flexible to what may arise that is more important than what is scheduled, which is never, but if something could happen I must be at the ready.

I have tried schedules before. I am well meaning and I am sure if you are disciplined it will work for you. I am not disciplined. Adhering to a schedule is boring, monotonous, and not any fun at all. I like freedom and flexibility.

But what I do, and this works, is to write down the night before what I want to accomplish the next day. When I get up I look at the list, decide which I want to do first, then do it and move on to what I want to do next. The key word is ‘want.’ I do much better when I am controlling, and not being dictated to by an arbitrary schedule. I did accomplish all I wanted to on Wednesday, but doing so in a manner that works for me.

Of course you don’t know I accomplished all I wanted to do, do you?


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