Hey writer, want some advice, I got some for you

The population of China is 359, 946, 000. Of course as I wrote the previous sentence the population increased, and increased again as I write this sentence. No telling how large the population will be by the end of this blog.

I bring that number up because it will be surpassed, indeed, may have been passed as I write, by the number of websites and blogs offering advice to writers. Because of the increasing number of indie writers, mostly going the e-book route, more people want to be helpful and share what they have learned from other websites and books. In other words much of the same information is being recycled.

My favorite bit of advice answers the question of how to sell e-books. The advice varies a bit, but ultimately the final piece of advice is to write a good book. That was something I had not thought of. I was hoping my mediocre tome would fool people. To be honest, I think the phrase ‘good book’ is subjective. In college I was told “Moby Dick” is a great novel. I tried to read it twice, but when I got to that long stretch where Melville drones on about whaling in a non-fictional manner, I was bored each time and never finished the book. Conversely I have heard of high school teachers who say “The Great Gatsby” is a terrible novel. To that I say, those who can teach, teach at the collegiate level, those who can’t teach, teach at the high school level.

Are these websites and blogs helpful?

Caveat emptor as the Romans said. Let the buyer beware. Don’t buy into everything you read as information, though well meaning, can be misleading. And successful writers will tell you, even after telling you the rules, that rules can be broken. I ran across an article “Writers and other Sins” by C.J. Cherryh, copyrighted in 1995, that gives some good writing advice, which you can read here. I hope it helps. She says at the end of the article, not to follow any rule off a cliff. http://www.sfwa.org/2005/01/writerisms-and-other-sins-a-writers-shortcut-to-stronger-writing/

I think exploring the web can be positive. You can learn something new, or be reminded of something you may have forgotten.

And since I am sharing  here is an article on 150 resources to help you write better.



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