My e-book falls into what?

A writer of fiction can research what genre of e-books are selling, pick one he/she prefers to write in knowing there is a hungry audience and therefore has a better chance of making sales.

Or. . .

You can be like me, the loony oddball who tells a story because of interest in a subject, and whose story does not perfectly fit into a genre. The theory being that you write better if you are writing a story you yourself would like to read. It is only a theory, but I did have fun writing the stories, so I am content with that.

“Loonies in the Dugout” is historical fiction, at least that is the closest I can get. It takes place in 1911, is a fictional account of a true story revolving around Charlie Faust and the New York Giant baseball team in 1911. But it is also a satire on fame and celebrity, as well as a young man’s wondering about God, women, and the nature of luck. So it is baseball fiction, historical fiction, satire, and perhaps a bit of a coming of age story.

So how does a loony writer categorize all that?

Actress Mabel Normand holding a small round mi...

Actress Mabel Normand holding a small round mirror which reflects her face in profile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I come closer with my second book, “Loonies in Hollywood” a mystery to be sure. I take my two lead fictional characters from the 1911 book, Chet and Eveleen, and put them into a story set in 1922 where Chet solves the true life unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor, a well known silent film director. But there are subcategories of mysteries and mine comes closer-if I read my definitions correctly- of a cozy mystery. However,  because one character, Mabel Normand, who in true life had a blue tongue,  and since I used language she would have used in creating her character, it falls outside of being cozy. Can’t use those words and be cozy. Besides there is an underlying satire to the story and satire is not cozy.

So once again my loony writing does not really fit snuggly into a category.

So if you are an aspiring writer you must make a choice. I don’t think I can pick a genre and write to specific guidelines. My personality does not allow that. There is a bit of maverick in me that says write what you want, how you want. I don’t want to be typecast. I enjoy flexibility and, good or bad, I follow my instincts. I suggest you follow yours. 


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