How to sell eBooks doing nothing

I recently published two novels on Kindle Direct at Amazon so it is fair to say I know nothing. But if you are new to eBook publishing like me or considering immersing yourself into e-world, you undoubtedly have researched promoting, advertising, and all that pizazz.

I thought about and used Twitter, Facebook, Google+, anything social media. There are people with websites saying they can promote your book, do advertising, and pretty much be a PR firm for you. But that costs a lot of money and there are no guarantees. So what to do?

One writer, who has sold over 1,000,000 e-books and is more an authority than my loony self, has the answer. And the answer is not much.

As J.A. Konrath, e-book guru asks, when was the last time you bought an e-Book because of a Tweet or Facebook ad. I had the feeling early on, before I read Konrath’s post, we writers in the social media world were like chickens running around with our heads cut off. We kept bumping into each other, but do we buy each others books?

Konrath says most of it is luck. Any writer knows he has to find his audience and it takes time for them to find you.

He does suggest that having a good cover is imperative. You must catch the readers attention, then follow up on your author’s page with a solid description of the book. And though he has gone the Twitter, Facebook, blog tour route, he suggest instead of  ‘pimping’ your book, you write more books. I guess the key is volume, volume, volume.

He closes his post by stating that you should not automatically believe what he says, not to trust him or any so called ‘expert.’ In other words, we are back to square one, lost in the funhouse, unable to find our way to e-book nirvana, making thousands in royalties each month.

My plan is to be patient, do what I can. I have already gotten two three star reviews for one book. But it is hard to be patient, so I may tweet now and then, click on over to google+ but mostly I will write another book.

Here is a link to Konrath’s post.



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2 responses to “How to sell eBooks doing nothing

  1. Tom Elias

    Thanks for the advice!


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