Here is why bloggers should not believe their view stats

There are more bloggers on the Internet than there are humans. Hard to believe I know, but I read it on the Internet.

August 2000 Issue of Yahoo! Internet Life

August 2000 Issue of Yahoo! Internet Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously I have discovered that some numbers do not add up. One day I received emails from those who clicked ‘like’ for one of my blogs. What was odd is that the number of ‘likes’ exceeded the number of views that shows on my dashboard. That means there are people out there who click ‘like’ without even looking at the blog they’re ‘liking.’ That’s one neat trick.

I don’t know if subscribers who get blogs in their email account are counted as views. I am thinking not, as I know those numbers do not add up.  Of course subscribers can be deleting without reading. Shame on you!

But there is a mystery about these stats. And it also applies to websites. One day according to my website hosting page, I did not get one view, which is quite odd. Okay maybe not that odd, though this August it views averaged in double figures. But on the day I had no views, many years ago, I also had a message from someone who visited my website and commented on a movie review I wrote. So how did this person read the review on my site, respond to it, yet was not counted as a view.

I emailed Yahoo and they told me in their response that page views are not accurate. I don’t recall them explaining why, but I do know there were web pages showing no views though I received responses from those pages, some in person from those who know me.

So what should we make of all this?

I will be checking my inbox, comparing them to views, analyzing data, and most likely conclude that it does not matter. I write because I write, not for numbers. But I did use the picture with the girl to get more views. Please like or comment. I just want to check the numbers.


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  1. I’ve always been skeptical of all the stats, when you really start analyzing them, they don’t make sense and don’t add up.


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