Never put off writing today when you can put it off writing tomorrow

I was going to begin working on my new novel this morning, but first I had to write this blog. A writer must have self imposed deadlines and schedules. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are days for this blog. Writing it is also a good warm up exercise.

Of course I, as any writer, must also Tweet about my two e-books available at Amazon Kindle, and another Tweet or two, or three, directing other Tweeters to my website where they can read excerpts from the books. Since I am on Twitter I should search for other people to follow, to see if they will also follow me.

Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6×6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

And as long as I am being sociable, there are thirty communities at Google+ that I have to visit in order to comment on posts, give them the ‘+’ all in the hopes they will do the same for me. After commenting, promoting, and ‘+’ others, I can then promote my e-books, my blogs, my website. I promote the others first of course, not only because I am generous with my time, but also because if I don’t I will be chastised, exorcised from circle of friends, and banned from the community.

Having done all the above it was time for lunch. I did not make any progress on my new novel, but at least I was not wasting time.

After lunch I needed to make a decision about Facebook. It really does little good promoting my books to family and friends. Though some are encouraging, most don’t have a Kindle, and others don’t care. They are busy finding funny videos of cats to share. So do I now create a Facebook fan page when I have not enough fans to make it worthwhile. And what do I do on my fan page anyway?

Then their is marketing to consider. Do I buy Internet ads to promote my books? I am not ad buying savvy, but I can pay someone who will promote my books through ads and websites, though the cost for this ‘expertise’ most likely will exceed any royalties I could make. You must spend money to make money is the old adage. No doubt coined by an ad salesman.

Prior to the Internet writing was a solitary art, now it is a social art. My question is, when do I find time to write my next book? It is dinner time after all. Maybe after my baseball blog tomorrow.




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