Practice does not make perfect with 119 errors per minute

I have two blogs, each of which get fed three blogs per week, and on the 7th day I write a film review for my website. So I am tapping away on my keyboard every day. In addition I answer emails, comment on other blogs, write stories and novels, type sticky notes on my desktop, and on and on.

They say practice makes perfect, though who ‘they’ were, or are, has never been made clear. But they are wrong. Despite hours and hours of typing I cannot gain speed, nor accuracy, which may be worse. I just took an online typing test. It had a story and I was to type what was on the screen. I came in strong, well sort of strong at 39 words per minute. Most places expect 40 words per minute, so that was not bad. Problem is, it said, though I did not check, that I had 119 errors.

I plan on contacting Guinness to see if that is a world record. 119 errors in one minute. I must have missed every key.

I tried a different online typing test, but the site did not like anything I was doing and refused to cooperate.

So I tried yet another site. Feel free to congratulate me. In a very tiring test, I did 33 wpm with 5 mistakes. This tells me the test claiming I made 119 mistakes was trying to intimidate and bully me. 119! I think not.

English: Civilian Conservation Corps, Third Co...

English: Civilian Conservation Corps, Third Corps Area: typing class with W.P.A. instructor. (48223897(69), 00/00/1933, 27-0881a.gif) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course 33 wpm with 5 errors could be my career high. But we must consider that any of the above websites I checked may not have accurate software, that it miscalculates. We can’t just take it at face value.

I also must consider, as must we all, that the keyboard gets tired of being pounded hour after hour. To defend itself, the keyboard intentionally lures fingers into traps by hypnotizing your mind into clicking one letter, knowing you wanted the letter next to it. The keyboard strategy is to keep you mistyping words in a short amount of time, so that you will believe you are tired, coming to the natural conclusion you have been at it too long. It wants you to quit.

Which is why I now close my blog.


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